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Each download package is included as an archive file in “Zip” format and every file contains three PDF files:

  1. Setting Up WordPress Guide
  2. Understanding PLR Content (Using PLR to Bridge the Content Gap) &
  3. Free Tools Report.

WP Tutorial Your WordPress tutorial package is available for direct download (no opt-in required) so don’t delay and grab your package today!

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WordPress Content Tutorial: Keys for Successful Content

Wordpress content  tutorialHave you heard the saying… Google loves WordPress?

Though this phrase is often thrown about, truth be told, Google could care less about the WordPress software platform. What Google really loves is quality content and lots of it!

What WordPress does offer, however, is the ability to easily post content to your sites and keep the search engines happy…

But before you even start to worry about the search engines, the content you add to your WordPress sites must engage and capture the attention of your visitors.

So if you want to create content that that is both engaging and gets your message across to your readers, keep these crucial tips on the tip of your pen (or typing fingers in our case :) )…

1) Make It Easy to Read

Take a moment and think about this question… When surfing the Web for content, how do you consume the information when first arriving on a page?

Most folks simply skim the material, especially when trying to determine its relevance. If you structure your WordPress content the way you were taught in your English comp class with several sentences to each paragraph, most readers will quickly lose focus and move on.

What can you do to keep the readers attention?

Elementary my dear Watson! Make web content easier to read!

Rather than writing the post with a few large paragraphs, use shorter ones, then add highlighting features such as bullet points, numbered lists and subheadings to help key points stand out.

Using both of these techniques adds structure to the article, as well as, making it easier to read.

2) Be Descriptive & Instructional

Make sure your article isn’t just a re-hashed piece of cyber-garbage. Write your article with your reader in mind and be both descriptive and instructional with the material you present to your readers. That way, your readers will take more time consuming your information and you’ll be gaining their trust…

3) Content Length – The Long & Short of It

Ask five different online marketers how long your site content should be and you’re likely to get 7 answers. Rather than trying to keep to someone’s often “arbitary” rules on length, different types of content require different lengths. It is far more important to write content that clearly and consisely conveys your message than to worry about reaching a predefined word count!

A few more key points you should always consider when creating Web content:

  • Write naturally and try to work your keywords into the flow of your article rather than just stuffing them in anywhere;
  • Though current news can be enticing and often a magnet for more Web traffic, make sure most of your content is ageless and its message remains relevant for years to come; &
  • Work in videos with short posts that add value to the message in the video. Properly curating other people’s content can add both a different perspective and new flare to your site…

Always remember that quality content is well worth the time and effort you give it. High quality WordPress content keeps your readers engaged, as well as helping build a relationship and establish your expertise with them.

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Basic WordPress Security

Regretfully the World is full of people who strive to take every advantage and disrupt people’s lives. This trait is also common on the Internet and many Web hackers target WordPress sites due to WordPress’ popularity.

There are also quite a few WordPress training packages using the most obvious WP user name, Admin, when demonstrating how to install WordPress on their hosting account.

Here is a short video discussing two of the basic WordPress security risks and how you can change a few simple settings to become more secure…

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Making a WP Home Page Static

Though many people still use WordPress to create blogging-type sites, more and more folks are starting to use WordPress as a dynamic content management system.

At the same time, the growing number of image and video oriented WordPress themes creates a desire to alter the dynamic “page with posts” or blogging-style home page to a static home page.

When first installing WordPress, the default setting for the home page is the “page with posts” format meaning a little adjustment needs to occur to facilitate the transition to a static home page configuration.

Fortunately, the required changes are straight forward as demonstrated in the video provided below:


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